Top 5 Georgian dishes

If you’re planning a vacation in Georgia, definitely you’ve looked through hotels and apartments, maybe you’ve already booked a car and mark those sites you want to see. But have you thought about what to eat?  Because Georgian cuisine is very rich with variety of tasty national meals.  Below we will name 5 most popular and tasty dishes in order to make you more prepared and your future trip more colorful.


Soko Kecze

Soko Kecze or “mushrooms in a clay pot” is one of those dishes that Georgians are proud of. Mushrooms are topped with melted cheese (Suluguni). The cheese is being combined with the liquid from mushrooms and as a result you taste one of the most delicious meals ever.

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Khinkali is very popular and beloved in all Caucasus countries. But its origin is Georgian. It is a fist sized dumpling stuffed with spiced meat (cheese, potato, vegetables). At the top of the Khinkali is a tightly wrapped handle which stands for hoisting it and not for eating.Tasty!!!

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You can call it Georgian pizza or cheesy-bread, in essence that is what Khachapuri is. The dish is made of bread with Imeruli cheese. Something simple and gorgeous at the same time. 


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Ricotta Cornets

Georgians like to mix dairy products together and to get a tasty snack. Rolled mint and Suluguni create this mildly salted, aromatic cornets.

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If you are in love with herbs, tomato, meat and spices, Kharcho is something super-worthy to try! After boiling and simmering the meat (usually beef), add rice, chopped walnut, bay leaf andpeppercorns, in the end add the cherry plum paste- Kharcho is ready!

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Enjoy Georgia!!