Chauffeur Service

car rental in yerevan chauffeur service

When arriving to a new country, we do not want to bother ourselves with unnecessary liability, we simply want to relax and explore the new places. We want to admire all the beauty that the nature of a new country gives us, get acquainted with the architecture of such an amazing country like, for instance Georgia.

It is true that while driving a car, we have to only concentrate on the road signs, speed limitations, we have to pay so much attention to driving by the rules of the new country. Especially in those cases when we are absolutely unfamiliar to the locations inside of the new country.

Special for those, who want to relax, forget about the driving rules and enjoy the journey, watching the world around them from the window, sitting in the backseat of a super comfortable car, TravelCar proudly offers a Chauffeur Service.

Choosing this service, you will get not only just a high quality brand new car with uniformed English speaking driver, emphasizing your status, but also a trusted friend who will accompany you throughout the trip. Our drivers have the skills of concentration on the road and ability of fast reaction in accidental situations, as well as they are perfectly trained not to create such situations and to avoid the potential drivers and pedestrians who are not respecting the rules of driving. We assure you, that the feeling of safety and comfort will not leave you, as long as our qualified driver is accompanying you, surrounding with a warm, caring, friendly and business approach, and of course providing a big smile on your face.

All you need to do is just let us know the date and time of your arrival and to note what kind of car would you like to choose from a wide selection of our fleet. We will take care of everything else for you.

   Special for our business customers, TravelCar developed special corporate packages. We appreciate your precious time and will help you to be right at the time right at the place. We also provide services of unlimited, high-speed Wifi Internet, in order to help you to receive and send business messages, conduct business negotiations, and just follow the news.

We are glad to inform you that with TravelCar you can use the services of a driver with both daily and hourly tariff. Hourly services, of course, will cost less than the rent for the whole day.

The advantages of using driver services:

 - Security

 -  Saving of time

 -  Responsibility and speed

 - Drivers, who are qualified to drive all the types of road transport (such as mini-vans, and automobiles business category)

 - Timely arrival in all of the pointed places

 - Particular attention to the details and all the slightest wishes and customer issues

 You can confidently rely on us. Be sure that during your whole trip TravelCar - is under your disposal!! We are happy to discuss all your preferences, ideas, requirements and routes.

TravelCar is distinguished not only for its high quality and stunning prices, but also the best logistic support of all car rentals of the country.